Season topic

An overview of what is awaiting the teams in the 2021/2022 season

Designing the transport of the future

In order to be able to travel to many different countries and send parcels all over the world, people have always made new inventions for transport. In the 2021/22 season, we want you to find new ways to get people and goods to different places. We're looking at technological advances and global challenges. What ideas do you have to improve transport in the future?

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How are goods transported, sorted, and delivered to their recipients? How do goods get safely to remote places? Build a model that shows the journey of parcels from your community to their destinations.

Use the Inspire set, your imagination, and your LEGO robotics set to build and motorize your model. Record what you learn in your engineering notebooks and show it on the research poster.

More information and tips can be found in your printed engineering notebooks and your team meeting guides. You will receive these manuals together with the Inspire set after your registration.

Core values

Let the FIRST Core values guide you throughout the season. They will make a good FIRST LEGO League Explore Team out of you.

Design process for engineers

In order to work like real engineers, you should consider the design process for engineers when working on the tasks. The four parts of this process are:

• Explore a problem.
• Create one or more solution(s).
• Tests the solution(s).
• Share with others what you have learned.

There is no fixed order for this process. You may go through some or all parts several times during your team meetings.


Season Videos

These videos give you a little insight into this season's topic.