Off-Season Mission

Ready for the off-season?

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The FIRST LEGO League season is over far too quickly? Good news:
It goes on!

We have a new challenge for you, where you can let off steam creatively. You can also win some great prizes!
Are you ready for the Off-Season Mission?

Your mission

Our off-season consists of a task based on the current season's theme "Cargo connect":

The ice fairy Robinia and her friend the ice troll Knirschbert need your help!

Robinia, the ice fairy, and the ice troll Knirschbert normally live in Polaria, where it is always cold and the most beautiful snow flower Eisigschön can be found. One day Robinia and Knirschbert set off from her palace Bigluria to the edge of Polaria to find Eisigschön. When they arrive, they see one of these rare flowers standing on the shore. Just as they both run to the flower, the ice breaks with a loud crack and they drift off towards Hotensiania, the eternally warm island. Now only Fröstelwind can help. It is the fastest and strongest creature in Polaria. Unfortunately, the great snoring whale has fallen asleep directly between Polaria and Hotensia and is blocking the way. It snores so much that high waves even form, hitting the coasts of Polaria and Hotensiania at the same time. Will Fröstelwind manage to save Robinia and Knischbert before they melt? How will Fröstelwind manage to surmount the snoring whale? A difficult and dangerous journey lies ahead of him, and we believe that he can only make it with your help. Solve the tasks and help him:

Your tasks are as follows:

  • How do you imagine Robinia and Knirschbert? Draw them and put them on the playing mat.
  • Think about how Fröstelwind could save them. (Fröstelwind is the robot)
  • What could the snoring whale look like? Draw the whale and place it on the playing mat between Hotensiania (area with palm trees) and Polaria (area with snow).
  • Think of a solution for how Fröstelwind surmount the whale. Remember, Fröstelwind can do anything, but he needs your help to make it.
  • Create a poster with pictures of Robinia, Knirschbert, Fröstelwind, and the Snoring Whale. Explain what is special about them.
  • Send us a short video of Robinia and Knischbert being rescued by Fröstelwind. Introduce us to your characters and show us Fröstelwind in action.
  • Maybe you would also like to build Robinia and Knischbert's home, Bigluria?

Please save Robinia and Knirschbert from the thaw. You and Fröstelwind can do it!


All entries will be reviewed by the HANDS on TECHNOLOGY team and evaluated according to the criteria of creativity, thematic relevance, and effort. The winning teams will be announced 3 weeks after the closing date. The legal process is excluded.