On this page you find some of the most frequently asked questions. The replies apply to all FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams in all competitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Last update on 2021-09-06 by Joseph Rothmaler.

Wording update (Update on Aug 20, 2021)

The wording for R19 STRANDED CARGO has changed and provides teams with more options when former cargo rests partly in home.

The new wording is:

COMPLETELY OUTSIDE HOME: If cargo is dropped or left outside of home, wait for it to come to rest. If the former cargo rests completely outside of home, it stays as is unless the robot changes it.
PARTLY IN HOME: Teams may remove former cargo that rests partly in home by hand at any time. If the object removed was a mission model, it must be given to the referee for the remainder of the match. If the object was equipment, it must be taken into home and the team will lose one precision token.

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