On this page you find some of the most frequently asked questions. The replies apply to all FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams in all competitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Gracious Professionalism

Last update on 2021-11-25 by Joseph Rothmaler.

Gracious Professionalism Scoring during Remote Tournaments (Update on Nov 24, 2021)

If teams have to submit their Robot Game matches as video recordings to remote tournaments (and, therefore, referees are unable to make a qualified assessment of their behaviour among themselves and towards others), each team will get a Gracious Professionalism score of ACCOMPLISHED (3 points).


‘NO SHOW’ Gracious Professionalism® (Update on Aug 20, 2021)

If teams do not attend an official robot game match AND do not let the referee or event official know the reason, they will get a default Gracious Professionalism score of 0 points for the missed match. A ‘no show’ at a robot game match impacts others and we expect FIRST LEGO League teams to demonstrate their Core Values and common courtesy in such situations. Informing an event official before or shortly after the match’s scheduled time would be sufficient to get a Gracious Professionalism score of ACCOMPLISHED (3 points).

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