On this page you find some of the most frequently asked questions. The replies apply to all FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams in all competitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Last update on 2021-09-06 by Joseph Rothmaler.

Can I act as a co-coach at the age of 17?

A team can be supervised by several coaches and/or mentors. However, there can only be one "official" coach registering the team and keeping in contact with us. This coach will receive all necessary information regarding the tournament and is regarded by us as the responsible person on tournament day. The main coach can be supported and counselled by further coaches and/or mentors, who do not have to be over 18. Coaching the teams during their process is a crucial task of coaches and/or mentors. Nonetheless, they are not supposed to provide the team with solutions and, generally, should stay out of the team's work processes. We welcome former team members becoming (co-)coaches.

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